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Working after retirement


Yes, but less than the average. Because when people visit hobby sites they tend to avoid advertising. They are there NOT to shop for things but to get tips and advice. However, the trick there is to write about products/services that relate to your hobby. And review them. Then you put an affiliate link to the product in the text. Then it becomes less than an ad and more of a credible advice.

Blogs ...

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It's not too difficult to start a blog with the tools available to you these days. Thousands of new blog pops up every day on the net. But most of them will have a dozen posts and then stop. I guess people either run out of interest or things to blog about.

What can you blog about? Everything that interest you. It is practically impossible to maintain a well-fed blog ...

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Blogs are simply websites you can update yourself. People set up blogs for many reasons, mostly to rant about what interests them. Hoping someone will read it. Why? Ego I guess. There are family blogs, those are good. However, here on this site we deal with retirement entrepreneurs. We want to have fun, travel and make money at the same time. Blogging is one way. Here are the very basics:


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