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Working after retirement

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

How did we leave our discussion about buying a ton of great keyword domain names and directing them to an existing landing page in an existing site we already have?

Things have changed. The number of people typing in the search term directly in the URL bar (called direct navigation) has dropped drastically during the last couple of years. Most people now use the search bar, and today's browsers ...

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I just wanted to tell you a little bit about what has happened during the past 8-10 months - and is still happening. I am sure you have read about all the turmoil Google has caused by making drastic changes in their algorithm, how they rank websites. They want to do the "right thing" and show only "quality" websites in their searches. Well, they are finding out it's not that ...

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There is only one thing that will get you search engine traffic to your website. Your site needs to be on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo. And with Google's new ranking algorithm called Panda - it is getting more and more difficult to achieve a high Google ranking. Google is cracking down on less-that-useful sites.

But let's assume you have a great site. Lots of unique content, it is well ...

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Just a brief note, I have posted a full review of LinxBoss here:

I wouldn't do this unless I thought it deserved it. I use many tools in my business, and spent tons of money on tools I have tried and discarded. Cost of business. This goes into my inventory of SEO tools I am keeping.


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Ok, if you have a website and want more traffic - read on. If not, oh well....

I have been operating websites for over 20 years. The BIG thing about monetizing websites is really a simple concept. You have to either get your site on the first page of search engines OR pay for traffic. The latter is very expensive and difficult to implement.

So let's have a series ...

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