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Working after retirement

How can I get more clients from my web site? Most web sites don’t produce any clients at all. This is especially true for professional services firms, such as accountants and consultants. Why? Simply because many sites do not meet the visitor’s wants. Or needs. People just don’t care much for web advertising, they want more beef. Web surfers go to the web to learn something new, something valuable they can use right away. Tips, news, inside information are things that attract people and entice them to stay and come back. Not flashy web sites. One of my lawyer clients said people like his site because they get the answers. Good point. You need to know your visitor's concerns and address them. Yes, I know you will be giving "valuable information" away - but you can give away 70% and charge like heck for the other 30%. You have to put it so they feel understood - and you are the only person on earth that can help them. Someone going to the web searching for an accountant is on a mission to discover who can help them with their problem. It’s not about you, your firm, how long you have been in business, how many partners you have and how good you think you are. It’s about THEIR problem. Period. End of discussion. If your site is merely a statement like: "Here we are, we are the best, we have been around a gazillion years. If you need us, give us a call.” You’ll lose the visitor within seconds. But, a statement like: "Doing your taxes right is a trying experience. We should know, we do taxes right for some of your competitors!” will get a reaction. Double your chances, add this line: "….AND, here’s a FREE report on how one company saved 12% on their corporate taxes last year.” Sounds corny? Don’t want to ‘hard sell’? By all means, soften it up but remember this: If you don’t stir up people’s emotions you will not get any interest in your firm at all. And no new clients. You want to identify the potential client’s emotional problems, and let them know that your firm is pretty well the only firm that can solve their problem. People still buy for emotional reasons, and justify the decision with logic. It would be easy to say that if you have a beautiful site people will flock to it and stay. But that's not true. If your competitor's site lets people do more and get more value you will be stuck with a pretty site that sits there gathering cyberdust. Design is secondary to content. Today’s web surfer wants information directly relating to their wants and needs, not to be bombarded with banners, Flash movies and other annoying and distractions. Just the facts, please. Your website needs to be credible. Meaning visitors must feel comfortable they won't get ripped off. One of the best ways to do that is a "real world" page with pictures of staff, buildings and offices. Full address and contact info of course. One last thing – define a "Most Wanted Response” for your site. What is it you want from the visitor? A phone call? To leave their e-mail? Download a free report? Most site are not focused. Visitors do not know what it's all about, or worse.. what's expected of them. If your goal is to solicit prospective clients, remove all clutter not related to getting a response. Such as hit counters, weather, news-feeds and links. Design emotionally. Answer questions.

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