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Author: Ingvar - Retiree In Training  

Working after retirement

Your small business needs a steady stream of potential clients. No matter what it is. My brother has a side-line every winter removing snow from commercial buildings. He has a one-page website that is visible using the search terms we set up. In the fall he gets plenty of leads. He also goes around to the buildings an sell his services. It takes work.

Anyway, that wasn't what I wanted to touch on.

Should you be on FaceBook as a marketing tool? Twitter? No. It is a LOT of work for very little results. UNLESS you are building a big brand - don't waste your money. I have tried it. Understand the reason people go to these places. NOT to buy something. They are NOT looking for anything except the scoop on their friends. Twitter is full with ads already.

Bottom line: Don't bother. Spend your efforts in real PR, a website and good old knocking on doors.

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