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Working after retirement

I often get asked by people who already have websites how they can make some money from it. Here's the simple version.

The easiest way is to go to and sign up for their ad delivery program. That is what you see on this site above this blog. When people click on the ads - you make money. Not much, but some. It is getting more and more difficult to qualify for and maintain an AdSense account though. Google is very particular these days what kind of sites and the quality of the sites. They want a good user experience. Much have been written about AdSense, you can do some research. You need good traffic though to make any real money. Just as a benchmark - if you have 1,000 unique visitors/month to your niche/hobby/educational/content site - expect no more than $5-15/month.

The second best way is to sell products for someone else. For example, you have a site about photography. Tips and generally a good experience for the visitors. Then you would sign up as an affiliate for companies that sell photography stuff. Like Adorama in NY. I have made some money from this in the past when I had a Nikon site going. You put some code on your site that directs clickers to the company's product page - and if they buy - you make a commission.

Then there is affiliate marketing. A big one. I'll cover more of this, but in a nutshell - you sign up as an affiliate to places like and look for related products. At Clickbank most products are either e-books or software. Be aware - there are lots of very shoddy products there. Best advice is to actually buy something before you promote it.

Yes, it IS very possible to make some extra income from your website.

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