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Working after retirement

Trying to get a job after retirement? Not easy. Some lucky people have serious skills from their employer and can get hired as a consultant after the official retirement date. But if you are like most - coming from a "normal" job with day-to-day skills it can be difficult. Age might have one thing to do with it. Although probably discriminatory companies will consider how long is it likely a person will stay in the job. Most jobs require training and a learning period where the productivity might not be profitable for the company. They want their investment back, and if they hire a 65 year old person that has to leave after just a few years - that can become an issue.

Then you have the opposite. Jobs that pay little but are for the most part available to practically everyone. Wal-Mart greeters for example.

I suppose it also depends on why you want a job after retirement. Is it to supplement your income? Or get out of the house? Whatever reason it might be not so easy.

On the other hand, I have seen recent news articles saying the market for 55+ employees is strong. Many companies are looking for expertise. So if you have specialized knowledge, you need to make your application very direct.

Seeking a job is selling. You sell your skills and experience. The biggest trick is to focus your pitch on what you can do for them, using what you have done for previous employers.

"In my last employment I helped our division exceed goals set by management by 12%. I did that by re-aligning the shipping process and....."

The point being that you can do the same for them too. It is not about YOU. It's about what you can do for them.

You also have to be realistic. There is a lot of competition for mostly any job these days. Pick the ones you feel you have an edge. One that you perhaps over-qualify for. And keep trying.

OR - forget the job thing, start your own business. Sometimes that can be easier than applying for jobs. The thing about doing it yourself is that you don't depend on anyone else.

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