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Using Press Releases As A SEO Tool

A traditional press release is a newsworthy one-page information sheet businesses send out to the media such as newspapers, TV and radio stations, on-line publications and so on. With the hope of getting "some press". In other words - getting your product and company mentioned in a publication is a good thing. Especially if it is a national and well known publication. That gives your product or service much credibility. That's before the internet and websites.


These days it's a different game. There is a growing trend of using press releases simply to get one-way inbound links to their website. We all know that pretty well the only way to get high ranking in search engine results is properly formatted, one-way links from related websites. In that respect a press release is just content. Like articles you submit to article directories. The benefit of a press release though is that you might get the added bonus of getting mentioned in a publication - getting the credibility in addition to the link. READ MORE HERE:

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