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Working after retirement

We, at our age don't have the privilege of too much failure. A 20-40 year old entrepreneur can weather a few failures (I did) but at 60+? Which makes it difficult because we can't afford a long trial and error process. The internet is full of schemes to make money. Heck, this blog suggests several ways to increase your retirement income. How do you know what's real and what isn't? Why are these people sharing their secrets - if they are making this much money sitting on the beach - why bother with customers, emails and all the other annoying tasks that come with selling something?

Well, simply don't believe what you read. I have gone through I don't know how many software applications, SEO and other making money systems. Some actually work, others are a total write-off. What you need to do is this: First absolutely pick an area you know something about. Second, you MUST pick a business that you are passionate about. For example, I live and breathe the Internet. My websites are my babies. I nurture and feed, and they return to me an income. I love doing it. But I can't even imagine someone dis-interested in the Internet doing what I do! I know people that have taken my advice and set up a blog. To get more traffic for their real site. A good idea, but you have to feed that puppy. Almost every day. If that doesn't come easy for you - don't even think about setting up a blog for money. You'll start slow, then it becomes "homework".

So - once you have a business idea that is within your area of expertise AND you are passionate about it - then you can start looking for tools to help you. And it that case, you have the knowledge to weed out the scammers. Hopefully. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. This is especially true in Internet marketing. There are so many almost silly systems out there it's incredible. But hey - their pitch is perfect. "Massive Income On Autopilot". Yes folks, it does work. But I am afraid it's not hands-off.

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