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Working after retirement

I am sure you have read that the sale of domain names is a hot market. sold for over $11 million dollars. is currently being negotiated in the range of over 1 million bucks. There are a number of well known domainers (people buying, monetizing and selling domain names) out there having made millions. Is it still a good investment today? Indeed it is.

A domain name is the branding or address of websites. You buy domain names and pay yearly to keep them registered. If you don't pay the registrar you lose the domain. I have seen, and heard of others that forgot to renew and lost their brand. I once picked up a great domain from a drop and immediately got a call from the previous owner wanting to buy it back. I didn't sell, and he was going to sure his geek who let the name expire. That domain name has made me thousands over the years and has a value to companies in that niche.

How can you invest and get a return on your money?

Two ways. You can hunt for yet unregistered domains with good keywords, build a blog and monetize it. Eventually, of the revenues are there you can sell the domain as a revenue source - or enjoy the long-term, hands off revenues.

Or you can buy a domain name in the aftermarket and hold it for future sale. Domain names are the real estate of the Internet. As such they go up in value. One reason is that there is only one Once you own it no one can use it. If another company wants it - they pay. It is not easy to valuate a domain. is a recognized appraising tool, but is usually on the high side.

I own about 450 domains. I have successfully sold a few, and am holding on to most of them. My rule of thumb is that if a domain has not paid for itself in a year +50% - AND it doesn't have a future value I drop it. I used to own 1,000+ and got carried away. I am now down to my top domains and canceling the non-producers.


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