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Working after retirement

Mentoring, or learning from an experienced individual one-on-one is one of the most promising business trends today. It makes sense. You want to start a retail flower shop. You hire someone who has had a show for 30 years to show you the ropes. And hold your hand in the future. You get the inside scoop, and best of all - you get to skip some of the mistakes they have made.

To work with a mentor you have to have an open mind and really have faith in your mentor. It is of no use if what he or she recommends goes against what you believe is right. Of course, you need to have a basic belief that the mentor know what's what.

I look at my own business - the Internet Marketing part. I have made a reasonable success out of it, although I can't boast I have made millions like some of the gurus out there claim. However, if I had known early on about some of the expensive mistakes I have made over the years - I would have gladly paid money to have a list of thing NOT to do. I guess for me it's the chase, not the rainbow that's important. I love figuring out how things work, how to "beat the system".

Today, as I set up new sites I am always searching for new methods to get noticed and to monetize the sites. I have no plans to be a mentor, although I am sure I could cut a person's path by quite a bit when it comes to setting up and monetizing web properties. Perhaps through this blog I will end up sharing some details. Every time I write about Internet Marketing I try to cut it short and I always think to myself: "there is so much more to this" and end up just giving the highlights.

You can learn a lot from browsing the internet and blogs. But I have found that there is a lot of fluff out there that will just confuse you. So learn, but take everything with a grain of salt. You have to know enough about the Internet and marketing to be able to determine if a strategy is worth pursuing.


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