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Working after retirement

I have used an iPhone for about a year and love it. I am of course a tekkie. I got hooked on some very useful apps right away, and now we got an iPad as well. The question that came up is how to make money with mobile apps? One way is to create an app and sell it. Like a guy in Norway who created a flashlight app one evening and have sold thousands at $1.99 each. But to do that you need an Apple computer and software. A little complicated. However, there are many people that can write apps for you. Just search for mobile app developers. The trick is - again - niche. An app is not easy to get on to iTunes. It has to be both useful and offer entertainment value.

How about apps as marketing tools? Browsing on an iPhone is painful. Most websites are not designed to work with phones, they are slow and the screens small. The iPad is much better browsing platform.

So the marketing opportunity is to create apps that will eventually lead to a contact - a sales lead. In my web development niche - lawyers - I am starting to see apps pop up under law firm names. They mostly are educational of nature, much like full websites. Some are useful - like locating branch offices and individual attorneys. And the ability to contact them directly from the app. I have also seen chat and messaging from client to lawyer. One clever app has DUI information with a contact number just in case you get stopped for DUI and need answers fast.

The bottom line is that apps can act as a company's marketing driven website - with much better performance on a mobile phone. If the app is listed on iTunes or any other app store - the link value is also a great thing.

So yeah - I am looking into developing some iPhone apps - just to try it out. I'll let you know how it goes.


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