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Working after retirement

What? Did I say FREE? Indeed. Many personal service individual use free seminars as a marketing tool. Sure, I'd like to be a famous speaker that gets hired for many thousands of dollars to speak for 30 minutes. Actually, I have done a bit of that, nothing big. However, I have in the past set up dozens of small, community seminars on topics that were related to my business.

Let's say you offer web services. If you were to offer a 30 minute talk on something specific like "How To Attract Fresh Visitors Free" to service clubs, community centres and corporate meetings. Trade associations are great prospects. They are always looking for people to come in and speak. Think of who would want your service and find out where they hang out. A few years ago I did a bunch of web design seminars to trades organizations and got several clients. It shows you are credible.

The leads I got mostly from friends and contacts. And it was fun, and it lead to some paid keynote speaking. Strange I haven't done more of that.... food for thought.

The topic needs to be a problem-solving issue, something they lose sleep over. Then give them real information. Like they say - give them 80% of what you know and charge like heck for the other 20%.


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