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Working after retirement

Monetizing your website or blog using affiliate links can be very profitable. If you have a targeted site with traffic - it is a great way to send readers to related sites and earn money from it. It is, however tedious to set it up. You have to search for products/services that your viewers would be interested in, then sign up to be an affiliate and insert the code on your website. On a good size site there could be dozens of affiliate offers.

I came across a service the other day I just love. I have already signed up. It's called VigLink and you can get more details here:

What is so cool is that after you put a code snipped on your website, you can link to products/services you want to promote and if the company is a member of VigLink - an affiliate link is automatically added to the URL. They get the affiliate revenues, take a small cut and send you the rest. This eliminates having to sign up and track dozens of affiliates, and make your links to outside recommended sites not look like an affiliate link. How clever.


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