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Author: Ingvar - Retiree In Training  

Working after retirement

I haven't mentioned this yet, but I am busy entertaining in senior facilities. And they pay for that service. That makes it a "retirement business". There is a great book written on how to do that:

How To Make a Living in Music

I play piano and sing a little bit. I also do a bit of stand-up comedy and a couple of magic tricks. Sometimes I bring in a guest or two, I have met a few people through my dragon boating team who are excellent singers. These mostly private senior facilities have a budget to provide their residents with entertainment as often as a couple of times a week. There is a group of us that get booked, and they are always looking for fresh blood.

I get my booking mainly from my website and I collected email addresses for potential facilities through the internet. So I email the recreation directors once an a while and get good response. They need to know you are out there.

The other way is to be listed on I have gotten several gigs from that site.

If you have any talent and like to entertain, most residents of senior facilities would love to hear you.


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