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Working after retirement

These are the top business to start in retirement in 2011 based on some research and surfing the blogs:

Candy. Yes, good old fashioned candy. Candy is comfort food and won't go away even in a deep recession. Retail sales of candy increased 30% last year in spite of the doom and gloom.

iPhone Apps. Last summer Apple launched the App store which topped $30 million the first month. It is projected to be worth $1 Billion some day. See my previous post and stay tuned for more info on this.

Monetizing Websites and Blogs. This is an on-going business possibility. And a low-impact one. See my previous posts and other information on this site.

Home Health Care.
Here's the thing - us baby boomers are a massive force that will become seniors in a few short years. Home health care is increasingly becoming more popular that nursing homes. Industry employment is projected to grow 4.5% through 2016, the third highest rate of growth in any industry.

Repair Services. We buy more stuff, they break. And many baby boomers would rather fix what they have than throw it out and buy new. Business is up 2.4% and more for any repair shops such as car repairs. In-home repairs are a nice way to set up a retirement business. If you are unlike me - handy with tools.

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