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Working after retirement

If you are using FaceBook I am sure you have noticed the ads to the left of the window. These ads are mostly pay-per-click ads meaning when someone clicks on the ad and ends up on the advertiser's website the advertiser pays. Pretty well anyone can advertise on FaceBook. It's easy, but can get expensive really quickly. If you are selling a service or product you can either use your existing website as the ad landing page or set up a FaceBook page and use that. The response seems to be better using a FaceBook page as a landing page.

The cost per click can be steep. Anywhere from $0.10 to several dollars for high paying clicks. You have to analyze your profit per click on your site and buy ads accordingly. In other words, if you make $0.60 on the average per visitors to your site - then you can pay anywhere up to that and get fresh visitors. It is a trial and error thing.

Here's the top how-to product on how to advertise on Facebook:

Jonathan Volk's
Facebook Ads Guide

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