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Working after retirement

Clickbank is an online marketplace for various products and e-books. Most are "how to" books and courses. Some are software products. You can check it out here

To make money on Clickbank (after you get an account) you set up websites related to the product you want to sell, get some traffic and when people buy the products via your affiliate links you get a commission. Easy, right?

If you ever get into this internet affiliate marketing gig you will start to see tons of books and courses telling you how to get thousands a day doing this. Sure, it is possible. One of the great things about internet marketing is that the potential income is truly unlimited.

But most of these "gurus" re-hash well know tactics, write software around it and call it "new".

The best strategy is this:

Look for a domain name with the keywords in it, and localized. So if you want to sell a book on investing in real estate you would get something like: or .net or .ca. Then you set up a website with some articles, do some keyword analysis and get the site indexed. By writing articles, submitting to blogs and so on. Then wait for the traffic. You will get some.

Perhaps the biggest trick is picking the right keywords. You will have to use a keyword analysis tool such as Keyword Elite to extract key phrases that get between 1,000 to 3,000 searches/month and where the search results shows pages deep within some sites. Even if the sites listed are EBay or Amazon - if the page is deep within the site you will have a great chance of getting your site on top of the listings.

That's it in a nutshell, there is really no big secrets. Don't go buy any GURU books or courses.

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