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Working after retirement

What about all those ads we see about work at home employment? They are all over the place. And often seen in spam emails. Many are total scams. Like envelope stuffing, Rebate processing and so on. If it is too good to be true - it is. Here's a great FTC article about what to watch out for:

However, there are some legit opportunities. If you see one advertised, and go to their website - take the name of the company or program and do a Google search. Sometimes you will see headlines such as "Do not buy XYZ before you read this". Or "XYZ home work program reviews". Many of those are affiliates just trying to catch your attention and the review is most likely favourable. But it is useful to read them anyway. You will get the gist. You can also go to the FTC website and search for the company. A legit work at home company will also be upfront in their website explaining what the work is.

If you are not sure, go to the next one. Many will charge you for their "find work at home" sites, and that's ok if it is legit. Just be careful. Here's a site you can check out. For everyone of these "work at home employment" sites - do some investigation before you pay any money. And make 100% sure they have a full money back guarantee. And that there is a legit contact page. Work At Home Employment Website

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