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Working after retirement

I have spent some time analyzing the performance of my websites. One of the things I work on is where to spend my resources to get the most profits from either advertising or affiliate income. It's about the value of keywords and niches. A blog/website about any hobbies/sports/entertainment usually pays much less than sites about mortgages, taxes or any law related sites. On the other hand, it's easier to get traffic for hobby sites - but the return is lower.

Overall - you can get 1,000 visitors and make $0.01 average per visitor, or 100 @ $0.1. It's the same ten bucks.

In my world, the highest paying sites deal with tax relief, grants, Medicaid (US), immigration and background checks. The lower sites include tourist related topics, music and entertainment.

If you have, or are thinking of setting up monetized blogs or websites you need to do some analysis to see if the efforts are worth the reward. It is true that by doing the right things any site should make some income. But to maximize the return - pick fruit a little higher up the tree. You might have to work a little harder researching content, but it is worth it in the long run.

The other consideration is to set up several sites on different topics and average out the ROI.

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