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Working after retirement

Ok, if you have a website and want more traffic - read on. If not, oh well....

I have been operating websites for over 20 years. The BIG thing about monetizing websites is really a simple concept. You have to either get your site on the first page of search engines OR pay for traffic. The latter is very expensive and difficult to implement.

So let's have a series on SEO.

First lesson: There are basically three things you have to do to get a good SE ranking:

1. Good, unique content
2. Properly designed site
3. Inbound links.

#3 is what is crucial. If you don't have other websites linking to you, other CREDIBLE websites - search engines will totally ignore you. Case closed. You can buy the links, or beg others to link to you. I have set up hundreds of sites that I use for linking to other sites. BUT - problem is, they are mostly on two or three servers. Reeking of a "link farm" to SEs.

So for the past months I have been looking at outside services to provide solid, credible, one-way inbound links to my top websites. I went through about 6 providers and countless reviews and test results. I don't want to be a total sales guy here, but there is one service that keeps coming up in top reviews: LinxBoss.

So I signed up. $147/month. For 5 domains. Steep? Maybe, but man - does it work. It tracks keyword rankings and within days my rankings improved. They have 17,000 sites they use for linking. So you get 1,000 links per month (200 per domain) but the sweet thing is you can direct these links to inside pages on your site.

Anyway, I set up a bunch of links to NON-ranked pages and within a week they got ranked. This is THE way to go to get a bunch of real, credible back-links.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (I don't say that too often.)

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