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Will the latest Google search engine changes affect your site?

A few months ago Google announced they were making a drastic change in the way they indexed web pages. They were hunting for "bad" sites with little or no original content. Last month (Feb, 2011) Google again announced a change, this one a major change. This time they said that over 12% of all searches would be affected. The document explaining this is long and complicated, but important.

The gist of Google's changes in the way they rank websites and list them on it's home page is that they are out to reduce the amount of sites with content from other sites. Sites such as get their content from thousands of writers all over the world that gets paid a little bit for each article. There are several of these sites out there that lost ranking and hitcount.

I think it a little hypocritical of Google to penalize sites with content from other sites. Look at what they do... not a single work of original content on their site! Google News is all fed from other news sites. And the search engine itself - well, what you read is taken directly from the site listed.

I have dozens of sites with content from other sites. They are called "news aggregators". Just like Google. We take a specific area and gather news listings from a variety of sources. The value to the reader is that it's all in one place. For example, lists news from a dozen specific sources.

So if you are building websites, original content is best, but I suggest a blend of real content and stuff from other sites.

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