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Author: Ingvar - Retiree In Training  

Working after retirement

Becoming an entrepreneur in retirement has become a popular choice for many people who have the desire to expand their life learned skills and have an abundance of credibility and experience. 

Depending on your venture, an obvious place to focus your business is with your contemporaries, in this case the baby boomers and others fast approaching retirement.  Having become an entrepreneur in your retirement, you have an innate understanding of this generation’s wants and needs.  People of the same age group have a shared history that is not as well understood by, in this case,  the more youthful entrepreneurs.

The retired baby boomers are an audience that comprises of a huge and growing demographic.  They have wealth and want things done now.  They are more likely to pay to have things done for them and are used to customer service versus self service.

This age group has a strong spirit, "we are not done yet” and therefore will want to move into areas such as new technology.  Most are willing to take the leap if the entrepreneur takes the time and makes the effort to explain the steps and provide the services.  Just think of the opportunities!

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