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Working after retirement

As an entrepreneur, you are in the business of persuading a targeted audience to take a certain action.  The action can be to purchase your product or click on a specific link.  What do you need to know about your audience and what is the best way to market or connect to this group?

What is your target audience?  What standard demographic features such as age, income, gender, occupation, location or shared experiences are you focusing on? 

One of my clients is a Reunion Consultant.  Her targeted audience includes clubs, schools and universities that would ideally utilize her services.  The shared experience she promotes in her marketing includes the memories of living on campus.  The recollections of burning the midnight oil to complete the term paper, hours spent in the library cubicles, the last minute cramming for exams, the celebrations after the term ended.  Once she has listed the main experiences she is ready to tie this into her nostalgic message and promote a return to these times through attending or organizing a reunion, which she is more than prepared to assist you with.

Any characteristics a group has shared or experienced can be useful for designing and marketing your message and therefore the action you want from your audience.

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