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Author: Ingvar - Retiree In Training  

Working after retirement

Many small business owners are utilizing the social networking website, LinkedIn, to demonstrate their professional or business expertise.  LinkedIn is used world-wide by millions of business professionals to advertise their individual professional profiles and/or businesses.  Members create their own profiles and then make "connections” to develop networks of business professionals with common interests.  Since its inception the features of LinkedIn have grown.  LinkedIn includes a query section where various questions are posted by members and others are able to respond with the required information.  This presents an opportunity for business professionals to respond to questions and therefore reach potential customers by displaying their expertise across the network.  LinkedIn is a great way to market your business to potential new clients.  How about posting a reference or recommendation from your satisfied clients?  It is also possible to promote linkages to your own business blog by linking from your LinkedIn profile.    What you post on social media is very public and open to critiquing by a large audience but it also may lead you to your next client.  Something worth looking into!

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