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Author: Ingvar - Retiree In Training  

Working after retirement

Attention all shoppers!  If that’s a message you find irresistible then perhaps stepping into your new retirement business as a professional shopper is your bag!  You innately have these transferrable skills and you have practiced all your life to qualify for this profession!  So whether you live in an urban area with close proximity to a wide range of shops or a rural community where you may be more inclined to utilize the internet to find those items, there are opportunities all around you.   Who would require these services you ask?  Why not approach the career couple that have no time to shop; the senior neighbours who have difficulty accessing the stores; the person who just got out of hospital or even those people who, believe it or not, hate to shop or are just looking for someone with a good sense of fashion and taste.

Then there is the exciting and stealth role as a security guard posing as a shopper.  Many stores utilize this service to catch shop lifters.  Use your imagination.  Look around at who needs these services.  This would make a great part time or seasonal career.  So get shopping!

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