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Author: Ingvar - Retiree In Training  

Working after retirement

We are living through unprecedented and unpredictable times.  Unexpected events from natural disasters to economic crises have left us feeling vulnerable and uncertain about our futures.  What will happen with our jobs, the economy or what will Mother Nature throw at us next? 

In these times, a product or service that fills the need for emotional security by using the angle of selling security, stability or permanence is popular.  Maybe it’s the retirement planning program that promises to show you the way to a secure financial future.  It could be the online course that provides details on how to stay current in your job and therefore offers job security. It can be the self improvement message to lose weight on this program or the course that makes you a better public speaker and therefore more marketable.  Or what about purchasing a manual and learning more about emotional advertising to assist in promoting your product?   Now is the time that products and services that are in the business of persuading people to take action in order to regain control over at least a portion of their lives are likely to be successful businesses.

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