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Working after retirement

Even in 2011, a business card is still a strategic and practical method of advertising yourself and your business.  For a very small investment, just by handing a new client or acquaintance your card you are more likely to ensure your essential contact information will not be forgotten.  And face it; as an entrepreneur, there is still an element of status associated with receiving or handing someone a business card. 

There are key critical and practical components to a high-quality business card.  Remember that your card is the face of your company, your brand.  When you hand someone your card and they glance down at it, you want them to be able to quickly identify the most important and essential message about yourself and your business.  Make your card clear and concise and include the basic information such as your name and title, company name, logo, address, and web site address. 

Your card is an opportunity for self expression through the unique design, snappy slogan or eye catching colour.  You will want your business card to be captivating and stand out from the crowd.  It is a good idea to have the cards professionally printed to ensure a quality product.

Create your business cards and use them for expanding your business networks.    Carry a supply with you so you can take advantage of all opportunities to exchange cards or advertise your business.  For example, you may want a card for your blog so you can hand them out to generate more readers.  Be generous at handing out your cards and remember they are also useful for dropping them into a bowl or hat for those great door prizes at a conference or local restaurant.

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