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Working after retirement

To make money on the internet should you have one big site or many smaller one?

There are different views on this. Many internet entrepreneurs set up a mega-site in a niche they are interested in. Such as a photography site. With reviews, tips and a forum. This is probably, at least for some the best way to go. You get to know the niche, and your followers. Then you monetize with ads for the products you review. A proven system. It becomes a business, and can be time consuming. But if you make the money doing it, and it is interesting enough to keep at it - income can be substantial. Lots of people running single websites make a substantial income. By that I mean $10,000/month and more. But it takes work.

Years ago when I started doing this I took a different approach. I created hundreds of mini-sites with as few as 5-6 pages of content scraped from Wikipedia and other sources. Some of these are still going, producing income from AdSense and some affiliate links. No maintenance, but they tend to drop in rankings from the search engines after a while. Especially these days.  I still do some of this, creating static websites. But now - search engines need content. And producing content for hundreds of sites is difficult. You can pay for it, but at a minimum of $4-8 a post it won't be profitable.

These days the buzz is about sites on autopilot. And yes, they can work, but it is difficult to create an autopilot site that will produce more than a little income per month. But hey - it's automatic. So to me - any income I don't have to work for is great!


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