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Working after retirement

Affiliate Websites - a moneymaker?

We operate many sites where we make commission when people buy somthing we promote. There are basically two ways to do this. One is to set up a niche site, drive traffic to it and monetize it with related offers from merchants. You can get traffic from search engines if you know SEO - or pay for it - AdWords and similar pay-per-click systems.

Or you really don't need a site. You can direct link to offers from PPC services. Google's AdWords won't allow direct linking, but many ppc companies do.

Here's what I wanted to say:

It's not easy. Don't believe anything the gurus tell you. They only want to sell you their "solution". Making money from affiliate marketing is like any other business - you have to know what's going on. Learn it bit by bit. And yes, it WILL cost you money to get started.

But if you are willing to learn, experiment and spend some up-front money - the absolutely best part of it is that once a project is set up - it pretty well runs itself.


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