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Author: Ingvar - Retiree In Training  

Working after retirement

I have been in the internet business for a long time. I own and operate hundreds of sites bringing in a reasonable revenue stream. I was approached a while ago by someone interested in buying one of my websites. And I have since sold another one. Why would I sell a revenue source? I struggled with it. If a site has been making say $200 per month for years... but now I am thinking that the site has given me a lot, and if I sell it for 2 times annual revenues I have two years to build another site to get my $200 back. So with the money from the sale - I have the time to set up another couple of sites making even more than $200. It now makes sense. And the buyer - he has other ideas for the site and will take the well-established site and grow it. We all win.

So I am now looking at my portfolio to see what else I can flip - and create new ones.


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