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Working after retirement

How did we leave our discussion about buying a ton of great keyword domain names and directing them to an existing landing page in an existing site we already have?

Things have changed. The number of people typing in the search term directly in the URL bar (called direct navigation) has dropped drastically during the last couple of years. Most people now use the search bar, and today's browsers tend to display the search bar more prominently than the direct navigation URL bar. So this is not an option any more. Building out complete sites is where it is at, and will be for the foreseeable future. Which is good, because that's what we do!

Why don't I see my search terms in Google's top 5?

I am not sure you realize where your traffic comes from for the most
part. Many sites - Google for sure. But here's the thing..., Google is
66% of all searches, dropping from almost 80% a while ago.

You are getting a lot of traffic from Bing and Yahoo. Where you are
number one, or on the first page for that term and others. This goes
for the other sites you mention as well. (I will do some searches
after this email.)

Being first in Bing means you capture 15% of the searches - and being
1st. on Yahoo you also get 15% of searches. In other words - being on
page 1 and getting 15% of Bing and 15% of Yahoo is the same as being
on the 2 page in Google and getting 50% or less of the 66% of all

The end result is that you get the traffic.

Latest search stats:

Google Sites    66.2% (Used to be over 75%)
Microsoft Sites         15.2% (Bing) - and growing rapidly. SEO for Bing will pay off.
Yahoo! Sites    14.1%

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