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Working after retirement

How to Go on With Your Life After Retirement

Many people retire after a long and exciting career. This can be hard on some, while others naturally struggle. It is important to envision what you want out of retirement in order to live out a happy life. A lot of people do not think that far ahead, or they plan well financially, but do not consider what they actually want to do. Ideally, once the retirement date is set, you would lay out a rough plan of what you want to do. This would depend on your hobbies, wealth, family, and your overall health. There are no set rules by any means.

This is a chance to do things that are really enjoyable to you. Whether it be painting, travelling, or riding horses. Many people work so much in their younger days, they forget what it is like to have fun. They can do this again, with all the time and no judgement from others. This does not have to be an expensive or even largely time consuming hobby, but something to look forward to. It will keep the mind, body and soul working and happy.

Many people that retire, like to keep their mind going. One way to do this is to consult in the field they were in. This can be great as it allows the retired individual to choose what they want, this can also be a great way to travel while earning money. Many times a person will enjoy consulting in their field because the stress is gone, because they are not solely relying on the income to pay their bills. Of course, keeping the consulting hours low would be a good idea. Not only for taxes, but having a retirement with 40 hour work weeks is not a retirement at all.

Stay Active
It is a good idea to exercise every day in retirement. This can help stave off age related problems and illnesses. Just walking for 30 minutes in the morning should do the trick. Or even better yet, bike riding, and playing tennis with friends would be enjoyable and help you keep fit.

Social Circle
A lot of people, especially men, sink into retirement alone and bored. It is important to keep a large circle of friends for your mental health. Doing things that are enjoyable will make it easier to be social. Whether it be card playing, doubles tennis, or even a book club. It has been shown that a social life helps not only mental health, but physical health as well.

It is great when grandparents can help with the rearing of their grand-kids Not in the sense of living with the family, but being in the area, and giving the children a different perspective. This can help in the development of the children, and keep the grandparents in shape and healthy. Overall this is a big key to staying young, and everyone wins.

In retirement, it is ever so important to stay busy and active. Waking up and having a purpose certainly helps one enjoy life much more. Retirement is meant to be enjoyed as you definitely earned it. It is always important to be around a lot of people, of different ages and backgrounds. This can keep the retired person open minded and happy, while also giving others your perspective. Once a balance has been reached in retirement, you are surely to be the happiest you have been in years.

Jory Rickter writes about aging studies, finance & flower delivery.

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