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Working after retirement

Sometimes I go and do some domain research. I am looking for domains to buy that I can develop, make some money and then flip the site. In 2011 I successfully flipped several sites, and learned a lot. Trick is to set up a site with a good domain, generate steady monthly revenues and sell the site as a mini-business.

For example, a site with $250 monthly revenues can fetch as much as 2.5 ...

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The iPad 3 is going to have a very high definition screen. So I am thinking that people are looking for HD apps for the iPad3. To try out this theory I have set up a small blog here:

I will enter in any news I hear about it and see how it goes. I will monetize it with ads.


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I have been in the internet business for a long time. I own and operate hundreds of sites bringing in a reasonable revenue stream. I was approached a while ago by someone interested in buying one of my websites. And I have since sold another one. Why would I sell a revenue source? I struggled with it. If a site has been making say $200 per month for years... but now I am thinking that ...

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Affiliate Websites - a moneymaker?

We operate many sites where we make commission when people buy somthing we promote. There are basically two ways to do this. One is to set up a niche site, drive traffic to it and monetize it with related offers from merchants. You can get traffic from search engines if you know SEO - or pay for it - AdWords and similar pay-per-click systems.

Or you really don't need ...


I have been pondering getting into the dating game. Apparently many people make good money by setting up dating sites. No, you don't have to do all the work. There are plenty of companies out there who will let you get your own domain name and they will set up a site for you. So I am trying out one. So far I have set these sites up:


I just bought a nifty software to create a job search site. I will report back on how it's doing, and what tools I use.


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To make money on the internet should you have one big site or many smaller one?

There are different views on this. Many internet entrepreneurs set up a mega-site in a niche they are interested in. Such as a photography site. With reviews, tips and a forum. This is probably, at least for some the best way to go. You get to know the niche, and your followers. Then you monetize with ads for the ...


The dream of all internet money makers is to have sites on autopilot. So there would be no need to add content all the time. There are tons of products doing this, and I use a few. However, there is one that combines over 21 sources of content in one neat package. Once set up on a WordPress blog - it feeds itself with content containing affiliate links from places like Amazon and ...

Mass Traffic Accelerator (MTA)

Feb 5, 2012 - NOT SO GOOD. It's basically an app that lets you post to your sites from one place. It doesn't really drive traffic. Not recommended.

This is new. As I have said before, I spend a great deal of money buying software and services to help my on-line business. Some don't work. Some work, but are difficult to use. I just signed up for the new ...

What? Playing the odds as a business? You must be kidding. Lotteries are totally a losing adventure. Sure, some people win. But the odds....  AHA - the odds. What if you could improve the odds? Say the odds of winning $1,000 on a $10 investment in lottery tickets is 1,000,000 to 1. What if you could reduce those odds to say 1,000 to 1? Or more.

Here's where the laws of statistical probability comes ...

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