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PersuasionFor years I have been interested in what makes people go along with requests from others. Why do we buy stuff we don't need? Why do we go shopping with the wife - but hate it? Every day we are bombarded with requests and advertising. Do we just want to please others? What about my needs?

It's a compromise, that's for sure. On a business level, advertising and selling is an exercise in emotions. I always believe that people buy for emotional reasons and justify with logic. Think about it. You don't NEED a BMW. But you are drawn to the prestige, the status and yes - the pure quality of the vehicle. That's what they sell. With Volvo it's safety and longevity.

But I digress. What I want to discuss in a few posts here are the basic laws of persuasion and influence. Many are very familiar, but I find it is good to go back to basics to understand why we do what we do, and the knowledge gives you dual benefits. You can convince more people to see things your way - AND you can prevent being "sold". By understanding the emotional tricks marketers use against us - you can resist.

What is the BIGGEST motivator there is you ask? Well, let's talk about what people WANT the most. No, it's not money. The two basic emotional needs are:

  • To Be Understood
  • To Be Recognized

Look at politicians. And really good sales people. They make you feel warm and fuzzy by meeting those two needs. "Oh hi, Ingvar! How is your son doing with his new business?" That's it. Simple. If you take pride and put some effort into these - you will motivate better. On the web - many sites do this by asking basic information and showing those when you come back to the site.

I will, over time discuss about ten of the biggest influence tactics, but if you want them all quickly - here's where you can spend $14.95 ad get my e-book. I know, shameless self-promoting...

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