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Adrenaline and endorphins are our friends. I really don't know if I could endure doing anything worthwhile if I didn't get exited about it. Sometimes I have to do boring stuff, but that's ok. As long as it is in small amounts.

Yes, I chase the highs. I get outright giggly when I see a website turn more revenues than last months. And agonize when it drops. This morning I came across a great ...

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If it's not fun it is not worth doing. Period. You don't want to start something that could turn into another 'job'! Most retirees wanting to do something after retirement look for any type of work including self-employment that is a lot of fun instead of a lot of stress.

I met a guy in Victoria who owns a flag store. He appeared to have a great deal of fun, and he was very ...

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Life is an up and down adventure. When we are young we don't care about money - as long as we can live, eat and be happy. Then we are coerced to "save for retirement" - so we can live the life we want when we are 65. Many people slave away for 40 years in jobs they hate, live frugally and save everything they can so they can buy the RV and travel North ...

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