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If you are a baby boomer 50+ and haven't looked for a job for a while - you will be surprised at how much things have changed. Many of us in the "old days" used paper, typewriters, fax machines, envelopes and stamps. We'd make up a nice resume on fancy paper all formatted just so. And sent them out - and waited. That's how it was like. Or we went to recruiters who had job ...

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We, at our age don't have the privilege of too much failure. A 20-40 year old entrepreneur can weather a few failures (I did) but at 60+? Which makes it difficult because we can't afford a long trial and error process. The internet is full of schemes to make money. Heck, this blog suggests several ways to increase your retirement income. How do you know what's real and what isn't? Why are these people sharing ...

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Trying to get a job after retirement? Not easy. Some lucky people have serious skills from their employer and can get hired as a consultant after the official retirement date. But if you are like most - coming from a "normal" job with day-to-day skills it can be difficult. Age might have one thing to do with it. Although probably discriminatory companies will consider how long is it likely a person will stay in the ...

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Here's an interesting study from a few years back - what retirement job people wanted the most (not a complete list):

Consultant - 27%
Teacher/Professor - 20%
Tour Guide - 13%
Retail Sales Clerk - 13%
Finance-Accounting - 10%
Home Handyman - 10%
Innkeeper, B&B - 9%
Security - 8%
Real Estate Agent - 7%
Arts/Crafts 7%
Computer/Internet - 5%
Interior Designer - 3%
Home Care Assistant - 3%

Now, some of these ...

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