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Working after retirement

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If you are a baby boomer 50+ and haven't looked for a job for a while - you will be surprised at how much things have changed. Many of us in the "old days" used paper, typewriters, fax machines, envelopes and stamps. We'd make up a nice resume on fancy paper all formatted just so. And sent them out - and waited. That's how it was like. Or we went to recruiters who had job ...

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As 100 Million baby boomers will start hitting the age of 65 researchers are having a hard time figuring out how long we will live. It's interesting to think about, because if we live too long - we run out of money. If we die young we can't take it with you. It would be great if we could plan so that when the end comes - the bank account is zero.

Statistics show ...

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"If I don't need the money, why bother working after retirement?" Why indeed. One strong reason is that working or volunteering keeps your mind active. In business we have to be on the alert all the time and research new possibilities. Every day there's thinking to be done. Decisions. Sure, we can get very tired of this, and at some point we will want to quit. Or not...

Social interaction as another good reason ...

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80% of baby boomers want to work after retirement. Many will start their own business. What motivates them?

For some it is the need for mental stimulation. They are used to thinking all the time, making decisions and being busy. They can't see quitting cold turkey. Social interaction and physical activity are also part of these reasons retirees just don't want to sit still any more. At least not for ...

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Several studies show that seniors are the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs. You are not alone then... recent studies show that 22% of men over 65 and 14% of women are self-employed - that compares to only 7% for other age groups.

A survey by AARP a few years back revealed 80% of respondents planned to work beyond retirement age, and 17% of those planned to launch new businesses.

So there you have ...

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Here's an interesting study from a few years back - what retirement job people wanted the most (not a complete list):

Consultant - 27%
Teacher/Professor - 20%
Tour Guide - 13%
Retail Sales Clerk - 13%
Finance-Accounting - 10%
Home Handyman - 10%
Innkeeper, B&B - 9%
Security - 8%
Real Estate Agent - 7%
Arts/Crafts 7%
Computer/Internet - 5%
Interior Designer - 3%
Home Care Assistant - 3%

Now, some of these ...

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