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Monthly Archives: OCTOBER 2010

Amazingly enough there are lots of small businesses out there without a website. Or some listing in some obscure directory in their field. If your listing or website is not producing qualified leads every day - it's just taking up cyberspace. You MUST have a website. And no, it doesn't have to be an elaborate nor expensive site.

There are however some basic requirements for a professional and credible website.

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Stats show that over 50% of new small businesses fail. Why? There are several reasons. Lack of planning, funding, experience and competition are some. New entrepreneurs are often very eager to start a business not really planning ahead. Sure, it's fun to get going on a venture you feel passionate about. But at least sit down and take a cynical "what if" look at the future. Also, as a recent retiree you have had the ...

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I started this site because I have often been asked by friends who are retiring and want to start their own business - what to do. I hope you will find this blog and site useful. Please contact me with your ideas for new material, questions or concerns. You can reach me at ingvargrimsmo AT Ingvar.

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