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Monthly Archives: DECEMBER 2010

These are the top business to start in retirement in 2011 based on some research and surfing the blogs:

Candy. Yes, good old fashioned candy. Candy is comfort food and won't go away even in a deep recession. Retail sales of candy increased 30% last year in spite of the doom and gloom.

iPhone Apps. Last summer Apple launched the App store which topped $30 million the first month. It is projected to ...

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In a recent USA Today article they talk about seniors racking up credit card debts with no intentions of paying it back. Interesting.  Only 4% of retirees delayed their retirement due to debts. It is also amazing to see that 30% of retirees have no savings and most retirees have some form of debt when they retired.

What does all this mean? Well, the little know secret is ...

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I haven't mentioned this yet, but I am busy entertaining in senior facilities. And they pay for that service. That makes it a "retirement business". There is a great book written on how to do that:

How To Make a Living in Music

I play piano and sing a little bit. I also do a bit of stand-up comedy and a couple of magic tricks. Sometimes I ...

The economic downturn seems to keep people working longer. Many baby boomers work past normal retirement age, and that is a good thing - for the economy. Maybe not so good for us who want to retire? Apparently there is a looming labor shortage in Canada and many other countries. By having boomers work longer - it seems to postpone the inevitable labor shortage.

On the other hand, there are many boomers who do ...

Monetizing your website or blog using affiliate links can be very profitable. If you have a targeted site with traffic - it is a great way to send readers to related sites and earn money from it. It is, however tedious to set it up. You have to search for products/services that your viewers would be interested in, then sign up to be an affiliate and insert the code on your website. On a good ...

What? Did I say FREE? Indeed. Many personal service individual use free seminars as a marketing tool. Sure, I'd like to be a famous speaker that gets hired for many thousands of dollars to speak for 30 minutes. Actually, I have done a bit of that, nothing big. However, I have in the past set up dozens of small, community seminars on topics that were related to my business.

Let's say you ...

I have used an iPhone for about a year and love it. I am of course a tekkie. I got hooked on some very useful apps right away, and now we got an iPad as well. The question that came up is how to make money with mobile apps? One way is to create an app and sell it. Like a guy in Norway who created a flashlight app one evening and have sold thousands ...

Mentoring, or learning from an experienced individual one-on-one is one of the most promising business trends today. It makes sense. You want to start a retail flower shop. You hire someone who has had a show for 30 years to show you the ropes. And hold your hand in the future. You get the inside scoop, and best of all - you get to skip some of the mistakes they have made.

To work ...

I am sure you have read that the sale of domain names is a hot market. sold for over $11 million dollars. is currently being negotiated in the range of over 1 million bucks. There are a number of well known domainers (people buying, monetizing and selling domain names) out there having made millions. Is it still a good investment today? Indeed it is.

A domain name is the branding or address ...

Whatever business you run or want to run in retirement - here are a few tips to help you succeed:

  • If you are just starting out - don't quit your day job.
  • Focus marketing on the most probably targets
  • Create your own financial plan, don't depend on others
  • Go where the money is - niches - willing buyers - people in trouble
  • Network all the time
It's easy to get caught up ...

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