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Monthly Archives: JUNE 2011

Mass Traffic Accelerator (MTA)

Feb 5, 2012 - NOT SO GOOD. It's basically an app that lets you post to your sites from one place. It doesn't really drive traffic. Not recommended.

This is new. As I have said before, I spend a great deal of money buying software and services to help my on-line business. Some don't work. Some work, but are difficult to use. I just signed up for the new ...

What? Playing the odds as a business? You must be kidding. Lotteries are totally a losing adventure. Sure, some people win. But the odds....  AHA - the odds. What if you could improve the odds? Say the odds of winning $1,000 on a $10 investment in lottery tickets is 1,000,000 to 1. What if you could reduce those odds to say 1,000 to 1? Or more.

Here's where the laws of statistical probability comes ...

Press Release Script - Start Your Own Press Release Website

Operating your own press release site can be very profitable. Just look at PRWeb. He started very small, and grew until he was bought out by Vocus for about 28 Million bucks give or take. And he did this in a few years. He lived in the town next to where I used to live in WA state. When he just started I spoke with ...

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