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Monthly Archives: MAY 2012

I just wanted to tell you a little bit about what has happened during the past 8-10 months - and is still happening. I am sure you have read about all the turmoil Google has caused by making drastic changes in their algorithm, how they rank websites. They want to do the "right thing" and show only "quality" websites in their searches. Well, they are finding out it's not that simple. Over and over again Google miss the boat. There are examples of searches that produce bottom-feeding sites while the name brands live in obscurity on page 4. It's a real mess.

I follow this very closely, I read blogs every day, all the way from Google`s own blog down to people like me trying to understand the changes and adjust accordingly. I have been in the Internet business since it started in the early 80`s. This has been the most difficult period for us in the business of generating traffic for ourselves and our clients. I run, or manage for clients over 500 sites. When I look at the stats, they are pretty well totally changed in the past year. Some sites have exploded, others fallen in the gutter. Sites with great content have been de-listed. Simple sites with only a few pages have been consistently on the first page in Google. And making money. Go figure. And I hear that from lots of my colleagues.

One of the things we are learning is not to over-react. Google is pretty open about their changes, and as a group we have sort of concluded to let them make their changes, and we will tweak, but not chase each and every change. Because search is very, very subjective.

The conclusion is this: Content and Links. And patience. Content needs to have the keywords of your site/products. Links need to be from ranked sites, and not too many of them at the same time.

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