Product Reviews

These products are what I use every day to set up and optimize my websites. I have bought and tried many dozens of different systems over the years, and this is what I ended up with. I constantly look for products to help me, and will blog about any new products I find useful.

Bottom line:

Direct costs for these invaluable tools is around $600. Monthly expenses: around $15.

Where else could you start a business with $600?

If you want, or are making money on the Internet, this is your guide to the tools you need. Start from the top and get all of these. Yes, you WILL have to spend some money, but show me a business without needing tools of the trade? And yes, I am an affiliate for all these products. (Isn't that what this whole thing is about?)

I'll make a statement: I would not make much money without these resources. Take it as a sales pitch - whatever. All I am saying is that this kit is a survival kit. I use more tools, but more about that later.

Rank Tracker is absolutely required if you want your site to rank well. It tracks keyword rankings and helps you select potential profitable keywords.

Domain Registrations

Before you set up a web site you need a domain. A good domain is one with your keywords in it. It is better to have a longer domain name with keywords than a short, meaningless domain unless you want to establish a brand. So "" is better than "" (I jut made that up). I use GoDaddy for all my .COM and BareMetal for my .ca (Canadian) domains. I have hundreds on each registrar. Domains are on the average $10/year.

Web Hosting

Once you have a domain name you need a place to host it. Both GoDaddy and BareMetal and a slew of other companies offer hosting. However, after having been with several companies in the past - I have switched to HostGator. After some research I found them to be great. I have now been with them for over a year and have had no trouble. Their support is next to none. The few glitches I have had have been resolved very quickly. I have over 400 sites with them. (And the glitches were on my part, not them.) If you have a single site - I recommend starting with the "hatching plan" which is $4.95/month. However, you will need several websites to make real money. So the Business Plan is what you need. $12.95+/month.

Web Design Software

I have used EZGenerator now for about 3 years. They just released a major upgrade (V4) which fixed a few inconvenient flaws. This is a very easy to use web design system using templates. There is a minor learning curve, but any reasonable computer literate person should be able to create and upload websites in no time at all. The code EZG produces is clean, and very SEO friendly. I have currently over 250 websites on this system, many of them are lawyer-client sites producing great leads for their firms.EZG is about $150.

Keyword Analysis

This is probably the most important piece of software I own. I have used it for years and it is pretty well the only keyword analysis system I use. It is Keyword Elite. You need this because to simply pick keywords without knowing competition and how many people actually search for it is futile. The trick is to pick keywords that lots of people search for, but few listings in search engine results. Keyword Elite will find them for you. Yes, you need to learn how that works, but once you do you'll be in this software all the time. Even if you only have one site - as soon as you add a page or post you want to check the keywords to give you the best chances to be seen by search engines. He keeps changing prices, but right now (Dec 12, 2010) it's reduced to $97. A deal.

Link Tracking Tool

Inbound links is THE thing that will make you visible to search engines. You need to find out how many inbound links you have to your site(s) and where. I have used SEO Elite 4 for many years and can't live without it. I track my inbound links to make sure I have enough to get noticed. A must for any SEO strategy. SEO Elite 4 is $167.

Getting Links

The MOST successful way to get links to your site is to write articles and submit them to article directories. I submit regularly to ezinearticles and about 8 others. That is a tedious job, or I should say it WAS tedious until I discovered Article Submitter PRO. This is a clever system taking most of the work away from you. It tracks hundreds of article directories and with some automation creates accounts, log you in and submits articles. Not completely automated of course, because most directories require you to set up and account and log in. But man has it saved me a lot of time. Used to be I spend hours writing an article and then another couple of hours submitting. Now I have cut that time in half. Article Submitter PRO is at $67.

Learning Guide

I got intrigued by ads on Facebook. So I researched, and bought Jonathan Volk's Facebook Ads Guide. If you are considering getting traffic from Facebook advertising you need this. Advertising on Facebook is not difficult but there are some tricks. Save yourself the learning curve and get this. I did. Facebook Ads Guide is listed at the time of this writing at $79. And... don't fall for the additional expense of videos. They are not worth it in my opinion. But it's your choice. If you are new.... get them.