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Rank Tracker is absolutely required if you want your site or sites
to rank well in search engines..

It tracks keyword rankings and helps you select potential profitable keywords.

Overview:  The importance of selecting and analyzing keywords that pertain to your web site is imperative for a successful business.  Rank Tracker SEO Software does just this.  You provide your list of keywords that relate to your site and Rank Tracker analyzes and reports their status in terms of search rankings.


The reporting engine of Rank Tracker SEO can be described as superior.  It is possible to customize your own reports which can be generated in HTLM or PDF files and automatically stored locally.  Rank Tracker also maintains your historical ranking information.  There are multiple reporting output formats including SQL which allows you to export your data into your own database.  Rank Tracker is ideal for those with multiple websites, yet it is simple enough to use for smaller users to achieve full benefit.

Other Notables features

You will require a software proxy to simulate different IP addresses in order to avoid temporary IP bans if Google thinks you are sending in requests from multiple locations. Rank tracker rotates through different IPs and can move rapidly though the ranking updates. This is highly recommended if you’re tracking a large number of (more than 100) keywords.


It will utilize your keywords as root text and return with a list of Google Suggested keywords.


Rank Tracking will only report on the first match and does not display that you have another URL ranking for the same keyword.

Rank Tracking does not allow you to create a project that spans multiple domains. Each project is focused around one single domain


Rank Tracker can be purchased in different versions including an unlimited free version.

Summary:  With its excellent reporting engine and ability to work across multiple websites, and customized reporting features, Rank Tracking SEO is an essential administrative tool for tracking and analyzing keywords pertaining to your websites.

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