Thinking of starting a business in retirement?
You have come to the right place.

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A Retirement Business can be very rewarding both financially and personally but making wrong decisions can ruin you financially - and health-wise. Check out the Retirement Entrepreneur BLOG

Some questions you need to ask yourself:

Why do I want to have my own business after retirement?

Is it for extra income? Stave off boredom? Get out of the house? Or perhaps you want to turn a hobby into a revenue source. Or maybe you don't care about the money at all, you just want something to do. To contribute.

ā€œIā€™m not the sort of person who wants to retire. I must have a project.
It is very important in life because it makes you want to get up in the morning.ā€
Rayment Kirby - started wen he was 62 and is now 76.

What kind of business?

Have you thought of what kind of business you want to do? Something in mind? Or you just know you want to "do something"? The possibilities are truly endless.

Do you I funding do start?

Is this money you could afford to lose? Last thing you want to do is spend your nest egg on some business venture that might fail. Or perhaps you have no or little money. So you are looking for something productive you can start with a low entry price.

Do I have a business plan?

It doesn't have to be elaborate. Just the basics. A rough draft. Does it make sense? Is there a lot of competition?

Am I really an entrepreneur?

Does it scare you to launch a business? If you haven't been in any entrepreneur jobs in your career you need to take a close look at what it means to start a business. The key secret here is passion. If you are passionate about the new venture - the rest will fall into place.

Will another 'Real Job" fit me better?
You might want to consider getting another job, full or part time. In your old line of work, or something entirely new. Thus avoiding all the "non-job" stuff you have to face when self-employed.

Once you have answered these questions we can get into the nitty gritty.

I know, many of you are ready to jump into this because you are passionate about your idea. My best advice to you is to calm down. Think about it. Run it by someone impartial.

People look for retirement jobs or business for a variety of reasons. One is the activity and challenge. You might get bored really fast when you retire and want to "get back in".

I have been on my own since 1988. Still surviving. For the most part I have earned an income by programming, web sites and internet marketing. I will cover how to make money on the internet in some detail. The other big area for retired people to create a business is that of consulting. In the field they know so well. I have done a lot of that and will cover that in detail as well.

This is November 2010. I just started this site, it will grow fast. So if you are here now, please sign up for my updates.

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