Retirement Business Idea:

Be that entrepreneur who runs a seasonal business

You may be one of the millions of people who pursued a practical and lucrative career that provided you with the means to retire.  You’ve done the travel thing and your time is your own.  Now you can fulfill that dream of starting your own business.

As an entrepreneur, your business may reflect elements of your previous career or it may be something completely different such as a business that employs a more creative or fun side of your personality.  You’ve decided that your optimal lifestyle would be to enjoy both your free time and your passion for starting your own business in retirement.

WHY not become an entrepreneur with a seasonal business?!   A seasonal business allows for a focused work period followed by the reward of a long stretch of free time.  The extra retirement income will also furnish you with the money and freedom to fulfill all your retirement dreams.

Susan had a long career as a teacher.  Once retired she enjoyed her hobbies and free time but felt a sense of loss at not being as involved with what she termed “worthwhile endeavours”.  She now spends her summers as a garden/landscape designer and also manages to grow flowers and vegetables which she sells at the local summer market garden.

Gordon lives in an active tourist area and has turned his love for outdoor sports into a summertime business of water sports and mountain bike equipment rentals.

Luke worked as an executive.  He discovered his love of horticulture and now runs an upscale summer grounds and garden maintenance service.

Janet and Tony have a charming house overlooking the coastline.  Now that the kids have left home they decided to complete some minor renovations and have opened a bed and breakfast business for four months of the year.

Gina has paired up with her friend Cynthia and is expanding her creative baking and cooking skills for her catering business, specializing in niche party events throughout the holiday seasons. 

Are you excited about following your dreams, making extra money and creating your new lifestyle?  Here are some additional suggestions for potential seasonal businesses.

Tourist guide, tour leader, catering, food carts, coach, tutor, painting, lawn and garden services, fishing guide, fishing charters, resort operator, flower seller, Christmas wreaths, arts and crafts, home repairs, income tax consultant, bookkeeper, bee keeping, hot air hot-air ballooning, wildlife tours, wedding and event planning, photography and woodworking.

Be your own boss!  You don’t have to choose between a business OR enjoying your free time in retirement.  Select an interest, skill or hobby that you are passionate about and turn that passion into your own seasonal business. 

Be that entrepreneur who runs a seasonal business