Retirement Business Idea:

Why not make money as a Travel Journalist?

One of the first activities that newly retired people engage in is travel.  Finally, we have the time and hopefully the money to “see the world”. 

For the vast majority of us, the thought of an upcoming vacation or travel to a sunny or exotic corner of the earth is met with that comforting image of feeling the warmth of the sun on our skin and the rhythmic crashing of the waves along the shore.   

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to create your own business where you can earn extra money or be the lucky one that receives that “upgrade” to help finance that journey?  If you want to start a retirement business or receive income in your retirement why not become a Travel Journalist? 

Here are nine easy steps to a new world and a new life of travel journalism

1.        Promote yourself as an experienced travel journalist

    • Create your travel writer’s portfolio.  If this is truly your first travel article, perhaps submit a special interest story to the local newspaper or city journal highlighting a local attraction.  Track your successful publications no matter how large or small.

    • Design personalized business cards with your title as Travel Journalist.  Carry them with you wherever you go.  Opportunities are everywhere.

2.       Familiarize yourself with specific magazines or media where you would like to be published

    • Browse through the magazine section of your local stores
    • Get a flavour for the types of articles each magazine specializes in.
    • Obtain a copy of the writer’s  guidelines for your selected magazines
    • Don’t forget online magazines

3.       Know the audience you wish to speak to

    • Are you focused on articles for retirees and baby boomers?
    • What are your own interests and hobbies?  Look into these at each location.  Did you check out the paddling clubs or golf courses at your destination?
    • What activities or sites is your audience interested in?

4.       Start the research about your destination prior to departure

    • Identify the unique features at your destination as well as the background material about each location

5.       Be extremely observant on your travels

    • Pay attention to details and make lots of notes
    • Walk off the beaten path
    • Talk to the locals
    • Gather local maps, brochures and material
    • Talk to other travellers and listen to their stories and adventures
    • Have the local taxi driver give you a non standard tour of the area
    • Take lots of photographs and add these images to your article

6.       Write the article making it fun, unique and relevant to your audience

    • Write about your destination from a different angle
    • The best way to get on the free chocolate factory tour in Dunedin
    • The best place to eat meat pie on the Gold Coast of Australia
    • The ten best bargains for seniors
    • The best time of year and best place to paddle with the Orcas

7.       Why not try to scoop up some travel bargains while you are on your trip?

    • Stop by a local winery or restaurant and mention that you would like to write them up in your article.  Maybe you’ll get a free bottle of wine or dinner!

8.       Submit your article

    • Be sure to read and adhere to the writer’s guidelines for the specific journal
    • Submit your article or an overview of your article to the Editor of your selected magazine
    • Follow up until you have a response to your submission

9.     Congratulations!!  You are now a paid and published Travel Journalist ready to take on the next assignment and YES, the next journey.

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